Interactive Television Is The Future That Can Finally Arrive

Quest Digital Interactive is partnering with some of the world’s most innovative individuals and companies to develop and commercialize a software system that has the potential to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar TV industry.

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A Marriage of Cognitive Computing and a Gripping Story

“Saving the Planet” is not a documentary or a simulation. Just as “Law and Order” is a police drama, and “Heroes” is a super natural drama, for “Saving the Planet” we’re creating a climate-change drama called “Entangled”. It is a global thriller that takes place on an otherwise uninhabited island in the Chesapeake Bay, 35 miles southeast of Washington D.C. Characters are dispatched from there to places around the globe where climate change is having dramatic impact.

“Climate change is the environment’s revenge for the abuse it suffered,” says one of our writers.

Climate Change is “The Tale of the New Century”

The whole world playing the same game, immersed in the same story, and connected by social media, would change our consciousness of each other, and of the earth.

Technology Moves Us Forward, Stories Bind Us Together

"Cognitive computing can raise the level of human awareness of the climate change threat" - said one of the programmers working on our software system.

Writers, programmers, business developers, governmental agencies, and tech firms have joined to produce "Saving the Planet". From inside the story, our patent pending TV system will enable viewer/players from around the world to connect with each other to fight climate change.

The sacred texts of all major religions, Aesop's Fables, ancient drawings on cave walls are all made up of stories. Technology changes human reality but stories are the glue that binds the changes into a new reality. Interactive television is the medium for stories in the Age of Participation. Interactive TV can create an era of fully engaging, immersive, global stories.

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