Cognitive Computing and
Predictive Intelligence on Climate Change

With partners in academe, industry, and the public sector, Quest Digital is working on an Environmental Big Data Stream composed of warehoused and real-time data. The stream will flow through our worldwide story/game. Over time, gameplay will add billions of data points that include human thoughts, impulses, emotions, reactions, attitudes and behaviors toward the environment and climate change. Cognitive computing will enable the game to self-improve and adjust to gameplay, making the story/game into a mass persuasive technology system.

Because it involves social sharing it will also be a Mass Interpersonal Persuasion (MIP) system, which converges interpersonal persuasion with the reach of mass media. MIP systems have great potential for altering attitudes and behaviors towards climate change, and other issues, on a mass scale.


The game-play enriched data stream will be configured as an Earth-Use Information System(EUIS) it can be subjected to advanced analytics and “played” by businesses and policy makers to give extremely valuable predictive intelligence for individual and collaborative decision-making.